acoustic artist/luthier

Parr Guitars  A.S.I.A Life Member

This project was conceived on a whim and came to fruition a year later.  It is a double neck with a baritone below and standard electric on top.  The body was carved from butcher block pine, the top is bubinga, and the necks are poplar.

This instrument was made for one of my best  friends, songwriter Tommy Elms.

I can build just about anything, but this model takes into account everything I feel needs to be rectified in an acoustic guitar.  The secrets are closely guarded.  This is my personal guitar, made with a sinker redwood top, anigre back and sides, mahogany/port orford cedar/mahogany neck, maple fretboard, flamed ash headplate, and leopardwood accents.

I should have named this one Kismet, because by chance I made the most powerful sounding guitar for my mom's birthday from materials guitar makers don't normally use.  The back, sides, and neck are solid flamed poplar and the top is red cedar.  This was a family affair.  My dad helped bend the wood and apply kerfed linings while my wife, Karina, elegantly mastered the pearl inlay on her first try!