acoustic artist/luthier

Parr Guitars-Handmade in my Shop

I built this guitar as an homage to the peculiar Martin Roger McGuinn model, which is a seven string acoustic guitar.  It utilizes a drone "G" string to give the air of a 12-string without the added tension of extra strings.

The guitar was made from poplar, rosewood, purpleheart, jelutong, and pine.

This was my first semi-hollow body project, made mostly of oak.  It featured bent basswood sides, laminated basswood top and back, a center block of solid oak, and an oak neck.  The fretboard was Indian Rosewood and the headstock was claro walnut.

Although the guitar was painted white to hide a few cosmetic blemishes, the decoration underneath was quite extensive.  I bent strips of mahogany for the binding and end graft, but in the end felt like the instrument benefited from a solid color.  

Perhaps the best guitar I've made thus far, this was my attempt to create a semi-hollow blues guitar. After a few months of tweaking, it came out a snarling beast.  The guitar was made from a slab of jelutong, an oak top, poplar neck, and a rosewood fretboard.

My homage to Woody Guthrie, the instrument was emblazoned with Sharpie art which reads, "This machine chooses love". 

This project was conceived on a whim and came to fruition a year later.  It is a double neck with a baritone below and standard electric on top.  The body was carved from butcher block pine, the top was bubinga, and the bridge material was crafted from purpleheart.

The baritone neck was made from padauk and the standard neck was carved from poplar.